About “A House By The Park”

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m the guy building this house and writing all of the entries on A House By The Park. I’ve maintained a personal blog over at Mike Industries for several years now, but I generally maintain a reasonably strict boundary between my public and private lives, only writing about the former. Although building a house is usually a private matter, the utility I can provide to other future home builders by writing about it outweighs the uncomfortableness of the task.

In beginning the process of building a house, I’ve found no singular source of information online which describes the start-to-finish process of creating a new custom home. There are a ton of “Building A Home For Dummies”-style books on Amazon, as well as disparate blog posts and photo galleries about new construction, but nowhere have I found a coherent, first-hand journal of the entire process from the standpoint of someone like me: a guy building his first house with no clue what to do besides putting one foot before the other.

A House By The Park will attempt to be that guide for others looking to do exactly what I’m trying to do: build a great, affordable custom home with no prior experience. If something like this existed before I began my project, I know I’d be a lot more equipped than I currently am.

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