The last miscellaneous cost post

The last of the miscellaneous costs that don’t warrant their own blog entries have been entered and this post doesn’t really serve any purpose other than to get them into the system. If you have costs turned on, you should see them below. If not, move along now… nothing to see here!

Costs accrued during this stage:

Carpentry (Rivera 26 Remodeling)$11,497.00
Door hardware$44.00
Garage door (Select Garage Door)$2,016.00
Door hardware (Builder's Hardware & Supply)$1,387.00
Door hardware (Builder's Hardware & Supply)$1,381.00
Door hardware (Builder's Hardware & Supply)$371.00
Door hardware (Builder's Hardware & Supply)$190.00
Door supplies (Builder's Hardware & Supply)$185.00
Drywall repair and finishing (PJ Construction)$1,226.00
Flooring supplies (White Cap Construction Supply)$100.00
General site work (Brett Deerly)$2,102.00
General site work (Build LLC)$10,605.00
Debris removal (Take It Away Hauling)$1,090.00
Debris removal (Take It Away Hauling)$240.00
Honeybucket rental$125.00
Scaffolding rental$793.00
Honeybucket rental$125.00
Extra two months fence rental (National Rentals)$53.00
Full house cleaning (Complete Clean LLC)$2,120.00
Final geotech certification (Icicle Creek Engineers)$1,200.00
Miscellaneous hardware (Builder's Hardware & Supply)$95.00
Miscellaneous tools (White Cap Construction Supply)$11.00
Miscellaneous expenses$2,093.00
Miscellaneous expenses$1,863.00
Staining materials (Rudd)$105.00
Miscellaneous expenses$206.00
Site work (Build LLC)$2,637.00
Miscellaneous wood materials (Compton Lumber)$182.00
Entry floormat (American Floormats)$140.00
Door stops$163.00

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