Ok, now we’re really almost done

In my last post from six weeks ago, I wrote that we were three weeks away from completion according to the schedule, but that it felt more like six weeks out to me. Well, it’s six weeks now, and we’re mere days away from final inspection and an occupancy permit. As of now, we’re aiming for next week.

A lot has gone on in the final two months of construction that has served to push our date back, including:

  • An extensively cracked concrete floor
  • Various parts — mostly electronic — which are not stocked locally and have taken weeks to arrive
  • Redoing the awning
  • Redoing some tile
  • Settling on a lighting scheme
  • Dealing with the technological circus that is our exterior motorized blinds

… and several other things.

I haven’t posted about all of this stuff individually yet, because I’m waiting for resolution first. Since I’m naming sub-contractors here (generally endorsing their good work), I don’t want to publish a negative post when something goes wrong only to have the sub-contractor go out of their way to make everything right. I try to judge everyone on this job not just by their ability to avoid problems but mostly by the final outcome of their work. For things like our bamboo floor, our concrete hallway, and the motorized blinds, the “final outcome” has been very much in limbo for months now as contractors finish up their work. When it’s all done next week, I will have full posts on each item.

We’re still very much on budget, and although we are about two months past the originally planned completion date, I would argue that date was too aggressive to begin with. Nice houses take time, and 9 months just isn’t long enough. If we get done in the next two weeks, it will be 11 months from when deconstruction began, and I’m perfectly satisfied with that duration.

2 Responses to “Ok, now we’re really almost done”

  1. Cali Says:

    Congratulations! I can hardly wait to see the end results. I think I’m nearly as excited as you must be! Watching, waiting and looking at nearly all of your appliance, fixture and finish choices as the build went along was great fun and seeing how it all comes together will be even better. Good luck on all of those little parts and components arriving on the wings of eagles, or UPS, whichever delivers to your neighborhood more quickly!

  2. Jason Says:

    Congrats! 11 months is still a very, very good time to complete such a great house. I’ve been a big fan of Build and it looks like they’ve done a great job; as have you with this awesome blog.