The Live Cam is Now Live!

I’ll have a more complete post on this later, but the live construction cam is now live. The house is coming down! Click here for the latest image (the image will update every minute).

It’s going quick…

13 Responses to “The Live Cam is Now Live!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Excellent! How long is the build likely to take?

  2. Darin Says:


    Great post! Do you mind if I reference it to my blog? I’m planning on being my own GC which is a completely different option, but I’d like to reference your information for those that would like to see how things are traditionally and most commonly done.

    Great job!


  3. Mike D. Says:

    Chris: Probably about 10 months.

    Darin: Absolutely. Yeah, if I was qualified enough to be my own G.C. I might have done that. But I’m not.

  4. Kyle Says:

    Any plans to save something like an image every hour or day and put a “stop-motion” video together when the whole project is over?

    Something similar to this:

    Anyways…loving the blog! Thanks!

  5. Ulises Says:

    hmmm, it seems the guys tearing the house down are taking quite a long break

    i haven’t seen much movement, except for a couple of guys in bicicles that seemed to stop to take a look around.

  6. Mike D. Says:

    Kyle: Yep, I’m saving one image every 5 minutes to an archive. Need to figure out how to do some command-line stitching of those. It would be good show a new day-long timelapse every day.

    Ulises: Yep, I just found out the decon crew works 4 10-hour days so they aren’t there on Fridays I guess. Makes for a rather boring debut day on the live cam. Monday and Tuesday should be action packed though.

  7. Kevin Says:

    Where is the camera located? Did you convince a neighbor to let you set up a computer in their living room?

  8. Mike D. Says:

    Kevin: Yep, it’s across the street at the neighbors’ house. They were nice enough to let me mount it.

  9. Chris Says:

    Mike, the cam is working well. Look forward to hearing about what was involved in setting it up.

  10. Ulises Says:

    the timelapse movie is not loading for me ..


  11. Mike D. Says:

    Ulises: Oops, looks like I had a path problem in Firefox. Should be fixed now.

  12. Josh Says:

    Would you mind posting how you stiched the images together. I have had a camera on our project taking an image very 5 minutes but have not figured out how to turn them easily into a movie. Also if you know of a way to easily filter out the night time images that would be useful info too!

    Great blog btw.

  13. alek Says:

    I stumbled across this blog and awesome job Mike – good luck with the whole project.

    BTW, I helped a friend set up a webcam for his home construction project – some misc. photos and videos can be found at

    Like you, I archived images … and my approach was to use the Linux “convert” program to generate video from the command line … but that’s a pretty old program … I too would be curious what you are using for the stitching.