Design inspiration and other helpful resources

Over the past several months, I’ve built up a pretty decent list of home-design related RSS feeds. If you’re interested in keeping up on the latest home design trends, appliance technology, and related issues, add the below feeds to your Google Reader subscriptions. The best way I’ve found to clip things I like is to use Tumblr. I basically just set up a Tumblr blog at where everything is saved, and there, my architects can keep tabs on things I’m looking at.

Anybody have any other great feeds to add to the list?

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6 Responses to “Design inspiration and other helpful resources”

  1. lou Says:

    what’s the latest with the house? still waiting for permits? eta on building?

  2. Mike D. Says:

    Yep, still negotiating with the City, unfortunately. :(

  3. lou Says:

    i hear ya! just wrapped up 4 months of permits, etc, myself on our project. they have nothing but time to look over every last detail. let me know if you find any good sources for construction loans out there…!!! i heard washington federal savings has really good construction, one-time loan close programs…

  4. Benjy Says:

    You listed most of my favorites, but some more good architecture/design sites are:

    Arch Daily:
    MoCo Loco:

  5. Chris Says:

    Mike, interesting site:

  6. brittany Says:

    I really love Creede’s site . Check out his “Our House” section too for his own home renovation tidbits.

    Desire to Inspire, is also super great for ideas. One of the blog’s authors, Kim, recently shared her kitchen remodel in addition to all of the other great content.