You Know You’ve Picked the Right Architects When…

… they not only show up to your Halloween party but they come dressed as your house. Kevin, Andrew, and Duff over at Build went to great lengths to produce the costume of the night and even documented the entire thing on their blog:

Photo of the night, however, goes to my friends Steph, Tim, Sooz™, and Lavina who dressed as Yearning for Zion polygamists and appeared in the photo below. Love the expressions:

8 Responses to “You Know You’ve Picked the Right Architects When…”

  1. Nic Says:

    Off topic: why do all your links end in a question mark? Looks like a code page or font related issue. (Firefox on XP Pro SP2)

    I suspect the

    a:visited:after { content: “0A0\2713”; }

    in your style sheet, since the problem doesn’t occur in IE6 which doesn’t handle :after AFAIK.

    Retested on another machine: IE7 does nothing, FF3 gives me a cool little 27/13 thingy.

  2. Nic Says:


    a:visited:after { content: “0A0\2713”; }

  3. Mike D. Says:

    Nic: Very strange. You should see a little checkmark (and not a question mark) after visited links. I just tested on XP Firefox and I’m seeing it just fine. Do you have any weird font settings like overriding the Verdana font with something else maybe?

  4. melissa Says:


  5. Nic Says:

    No, no funnies, standard browser installation, no Greasemonkey or anything like that. Now that you say what is is meant to be, I can confirm that it works 100% over at your mikeindustries blog… on the same machine that it not work here right now!

    So… AHBTP is using 00A0,2713 (the slashes seem to get lost!) and isn’t working. MI is using 00A0,221A and is working fine. My system character map shows U(nicode)+221A as Square Root, the same glyph I see on MI.

    If I create a user style to use 00A0,221A then voila, it works.

  6. David Says:

    Oh, that nurse… I simply love that nurse. Must… have… her… name :)

  7. Kevin E. Says:

    The guy in the master bedroom portion of Mike’s cardboard house is very flattered, and so is his wife. I think we’ll just leave your request at that….

  8. Andrew Says:

    She’s not a nurse in real life anyway – she only plays one on TV.