Architecture Contract Signed

Alright, Build LLC and I are now officially signed up to build a house together. It feels great to have such an important part of the process taken care of.

One of the nice things about Build is that Kevin Eckert and Andrew van Leeuwen — the principals — are very transparent about how long things will take and how much they will cost. When I went in to sign the contract with them, Kevin gave me a spreadsheet of where all time and money was expected to go, even though we were going with a flat-fee structure of $48,000. I won’t list every line item in the document, but the main sections are as follows:

  • Information Gathering and Documentation: $3,220 (42 hours)
  • Schematic Design and Design Development: $29,440 (370 hours)
  • Construction Documents: $10,430 (126 hours)
  • Pre-construction Services: $800 (8 hours)
  • General Conditions: $2790 (30 hours)
  • Contingency: $1,500

All of that adds up to $48,000, which I will be paying as I go, every month. The initial deposit, which I will pay today is $9600.

Costs accrued during this stage:

Architecture services$48,000.00

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